BlueHost承诺无限空间、无限流量、无限数据库空间,但是对于网站,这些资源并不是全部的关键资源。其它的关键资源BlueHost(包括其它的美国主机商、国内主机商)都没有大张旗鼓的宣传。这些关键资源包括CPUmemory(内存占用)、I/O等。在BlueHost的TOS(terms of subscribers,用户购买协议)中并没有明确的给出数值。但是从其它一些侧面的帖子、消息中可以找到答案。早期,美国主机BlueHost的CPU限制是不能超过20%,就会收到警告信,频繁超过超过就会被挂起账户。但是。这个可以从BlueHost的老板Matt的博客上得到答案:“Effective immediately (Actually as of Friday January 25th) we have altered the way we calculate CPU usage. Each user’s cap is now approximately double what we had it set to previously. Many users have complained lately that our cpu quotas were overly restrictive. I believe these changes should reduce the number of people that run into this problem by about 90%.“。上述文字的大意是BlueHost修改了CPU的计算方法,每个用户的CPU上限大致改为原来的2倍。以前许多用户抱怨CPU配额限制太严格。BlueHost相信这些改变将至少能减少90%的CPU占用超限的提示。在2009年6月,BlueHost的CPU使用限制进一步得到提升,BlueHost的老板matt在博客上写到:”NO MORE CPU QUOTA EXCEEDED ERRORS EVER!!!! (Starting on Tues July 29th 2009) We will be completely removing the code that bans users for CPU overages!! Processes will no longer ever be killed or stopped because of too many cpu resources. Instead, your site will simply bump up against any cpu limits that we put in place. This will work just like a VPS or dedicated server, but without the high cost!“。大意:再也不会出现CPU超限的错误了,我们将彻底移除CPU限制禁止用户的代码。进程不会再使用过多的cpu资源而被杀死或停止。取而代之的是你的站点可以直接冲击任何的我们所做的cpu限制。这就像使用VPS和专用主机一样,但是没有VPS和专用主机的高费用。

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